dinsdag, januari 15, 2008

things can only get better ...

voor u geplukt uit een voorlopig document van een projectvoorstel ...

Development of peri-urban connections:
Bicycle Highway between Brussels, Brussels Airport and Leuven
(fast live-work/school connection)
* Bringing ecological en landscape elements to the existing parts of the bicycle path near the High Velocity Train railway (The last missing link in this Higway will be completed in the near future by a partner)
* Promotion of the path with signs and pamflets
* Connecting the bicycle path to the airport of Brussels

Recreational link between Brussels alongside the river Voer
Creating a path alongside the river Voer which is appropriate for use by a large number and different kinds of tourists. At the same time reinforcing the natural character of the valley and bringing on signage.
This path ends in a recreational node (Park van Tervuren) which connects to Brussels bicycle paths and to the railway connection (tram) to Brussels. It serves as a Gateway.

Smaller bicycle and pedestrian connections between Brussels, Leuven and the peri-urban zone connecting dead ends of Brussels bicycle and pedestrian network to the networks of peri-urban
area around Leuven and to the large connections (Bicycle Higway alongside the High Velocity Train and recreational connection alongside the Voer), This way a complete network for bicycles between Leuven and Brussels is created for different users (functional use and recreational use and on different levels from local pathways to a big Bicycle Highway)
more detailed activities:
* Creating missing pieces in the pedestrian and bicycle network
* Accompanying the bicycle and pedestrian paths with green corridors and signage
* Making these connections accessible for local communities, companies and schools